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  Q What are your Payment Terms and policies?
  A We accept checks or money orders payable to SeaSide Disposal. We require payment in full at least 2 WEEKS PRIOR to your desired start of service date.
  Q On which day/s will you picking up my trash and/or recycling?
  BREWSTER   Tuesdays and Saturdays
  EASTHAM   Wednesdays and Saturdays
  ORLEANS   Wednesdays and Saturdays
  TRURO   Tuesdays and Fridays
  WELLFLEET   Tuesdays and Fridays
  Q What time in the morning do I need to have my trash and/or recycling ready for pick up?
  A We begin pick-ups @ 7 a.m., so please have your items out by 7 a.m.. Route times and exact pick-up times will vary slightly week to week. Garbage must be bagged and placed inside a can or tote.
  Q What is a 95 Gallon Tote?
  A They are large, Racoon-Resistant, Strong Plastic Containers that have hinged, tight-closing lids that can hold about as much trash as 3 standard cans. Our Totes are wheeled, which makes them very easy to move, and they all come clearly labeled with our Colorful Cape Cod Lobster Logo that your tenants will love.
  Q What if I have more than 3 cans of trash for pick-up?
  A For occasional extra cans, we will be glad to take them away for you at no extra charge, however, if this happens on a regular basis, or if on a particular pick-up day there are several extra cans, we will contact you and discuss a fair charge for the excess.
  Q Where do I get those recycling bins?
A We provide all of our recycling customers with a 17 Gallon Seaside Disposal recycling bin at no extra charge. We will drop off a bin at least one week prior to your start of service and we will pick up the bins soon after the last day of your 2015 service period.
  Q What kind of trash do you pick-up?
  A We dispose of all your normal, everyday household trash. We do not accept electronics, hazardous waste, like oil, chemicals, paint, etc. or any large items like furniture. Please contact us if you have any questions.
  Q What items can I include in my recycling?
  A We accept glass, aluminum, tin and plastic containers, all containers labeled with recylable plastics #'s 1-7, paper, newspaper and cardboard.
  Q How will I be able to inform my weekly renters of your pick-up days and policies?
  A At least one week prior to the beginning of your service period, we will send you a Seaside Disposal card detailing your property's service details that you can put on the counter or the refrigerator of your rental.